Bosch “Be the Pro” Contractor Community

This Bosch microsite includes a community powered by BuddyPress, and use of custom post types
to run contests for the members. Design compliments of the Bosch graphics team. View full site.

Bosch Be the Pro Contractor Community

KH Lowery Consulting

KH Lowery Consulting's business site and blog were built 100% custom based on designs provided by the incredibly talented Step Brightly. View full site.

KH Lowery Consulting

Urben Renewal

Urben Renewal is a business brochure site with a blog and portfolio that was custom built using
designs provided by the talented Step Brightly. View full site.

Urben Renewal, Developed by WordPress developer Heather Acton

BioForce Nanosciences

BioForce Nanosciences is a custom built e-commerce website powered by WordPress and WooCommerce.
Design provided by the spectacular C2 Creative. View full site.

BioForce Nanosciences by Heather Acton and C2 Creative